2021.9.20 Regular live "Road to ..."



Airpen regular live "Road to ..."

2021.9.20 (Monday)

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

@ Shibuya eggman

¥ 3,000 (+ 1D)

Tickets will be on sale from 12:00 on 8/22 (Sun)!

🎫 https://t.livepocket.jp/e/gv10n

After the ticket agency is released, we will also sell hand-sold tickets 🤲

The theme for September is "School Festival" 🏫

Furthermore, in September, we will hold a once-in-a-lifetime campaign where admission will be free! ️

Click here for details 👇

[Free for first-time visitors to the 2021 Airpen regular live "Road to ..."]

* If you purchase one regular ticket, you can invite one person who is new to the regular concert for free.

* Invited members will receive a bromide of the members wearing the costumes of the month.

* Please note that a drink fee (¥ 600) will be charged for those who are invited.

* It is a condition that you enter with the person who has the ticket.

Please note that only invited guests cannot enter later.

* At the time of admission, the invited person will be confirmed on the spot and a bromide gift will be given.

* When selling same-day tickets, both invitations and bromides are not applicable to same-day tickets.

[For those who met Airpen at the street live after September 2021 and participated in the exchange party, the regular live of this month is free]

* Please note that a drink fee (¥ 600) will be charged.

* A free ticket for regular live admission will be given to those who come to the venue.

If you do not have a ticket, you will not be able to enter for free.

* The order of admission is play guide → hand-sold → free admission ticket.

[Information on the day of receiving the benefits of the once-in-a-lifetime campaign]

・ Please line up with the person who has the ticket.

The condition is "to enter together".

Those who have a ticket must wait for the invitee near the reception after admission, and it is not possible for the invitee alone to enter later.

・ Please note that a drink fee of 600 yen will be charged for those who have no admission fee.

・ Re-entry is not possible.

・ After paying the drink fee at the reception, a privilege reception will be set up at the entrance of the venue.

Please tell the privilege reception staff that you entered with the invitee at the time of admission.

We will give a bromide to those who have a ticket.

(Even if you are not invited, it will be the entrance for everyone to pass through.

The staff will guide you so that you can enter in the order of the reference number)

・ Reception is available only at the time of admission. After the performance, there will be no reception desk.
Please note that we will not be able to respond after the performance.

[About same-day tickets]

There are no plans to sell it.

[Notes on ornaments]

・ Bringing decorations into the venue is prohibited.

Please note that you will not be able to receive it even if you wait.

・ If you are considering flowers, please contact us in advance. (Including arrangement flowers)

[About drinks]

We have stopped providing alcohol. (* As of June 1)

In addition, please exchange drinks during the opening.

Please note that basically we cannot respond during the performance or after the performance.

The original drink, which was popular at the one-man live to commemorate the release on May 20, will be on sale this month as well!

Please enjoy the member-colored drinks!

It may change depending on the situation.

[About visit benefits]

If you come to the regular concert twice, everyone will get one free check!

At the time of admission, one visit ticket will be distributed along with the Airpen newspaper.

With two visit tickets, everyone can participate for free with one instax.

* Valid only for regular concerts held every month from 2021.6 to November.

* Ticket exchange and transfer are prohibited.

Please note that if the above behavior is discovered, the visit privilege will be cancelled.

* If you wish to participate using a free ticket, please give two visit tickets to the staff instead of the check ticket when shooting the check.

* The visit ticket will be given to you at the time of admission.

* Cannot be reissued.

[About the flag]

I will decorate the flag in the hall.

We are looking for messages on this flag.

Please write a support message during OPEN!

* After the performance, everyone will be asked to leave the museum to prepare for product sales.

Please note that we do not accept messages during or immediately after the performance.

Basically, please fill in during OPEN.

[About shooting during live performance]

Regular live only! There is a song that can be shot one song!

* Members will give a signal for songs that are OK to shoot.

Shooting is prohibited except for songs with a signal.

※Photography is prohibited. Only video recording is possible.

* Please refrain from acts that interfere with other people such as moving or sitting down for shooting.

* You can upload to SNS.

Please be careful not to upload the image of the visitors.

[Product sales]

* There is no advance sale.

■ "UNTITLED" hand-sold ticket ¥ 4,000

■ CD ¥ 1,000

■ 2020 Birthday Towel ¥ 2,000

■ Mini towel ¥ 1,000

■ Pouch ¥ 1,500

■ Mirror ¥ 1,000

■ Check file ¥ 2,000

■ T-shirt ¥ 3,000

■ Everyone check (without Messe) ¥ 2,000

* Up to 2 tickets can be purchased per person.

* It will be taken in landscape orientation.

* There is no designated pose, but please note that we cannot respond to customer's pose designation.

■ 2-shot instax (with Messe) ¥ 1,500

* Up to 1 ticket can be purchased per member.

* There will be a one-minute time limit after shooting.

■ 2-shot check (without Messe) ¥ 1,000

* Up to 4 pictures can be taken per member.

* There may be changes depending on the situation on the day.

Please note.

* All checks will be handed over by the staff.

* Masks and rubber gloves will be worn when selling products, and a splash prevention sheet will be installed between the customer and the customer.

* It will end as soon as the line is interrupted.

* The check pose will be released at the venue on the day of the event.

* Please decide your desired check pose number during the lineup and tell the staff the number.

We cannot handle it.

* Solo check is not available.

* Message content cannot be specified.

* Please note that you cannot specify the check to enter the message.


■ We will manage the list for improving and promoting public health by preventing the onset of new coronavirus infection and its spread, so please enter your full name and necessary information when applying.

■ Please refrain from reselling, transferring or exchanging tickets.

■ All visitors will be disinfected and temperature-measured at the time of reception.

In addition, customers who fall under the following will be refused admission.

・ Those who have a fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher, cough, diarrhea, dysgeusia, and olfactory dysfunction.

・ Those who have close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus infection within one month

・ Those who are suspected of being infected with a family member living together or a close acquaintance within one month

・ Those who are required to have immigration restrictions from the government within the past 14 days and an observation period after entry

■ Please be sure to wear a mask at the time of admission, live performance, and privilege party.

■ Voice and calls during live performances are prohibited.

■ Waiting in and out is prohibited.

■ Please cooperate with social distance at the time of admission, inside the venue, and at the time of product sales.

■ The lockers at the venue cannot be used due to the state of emergency.

Please use a coin locker at the station for large baggage.

In addition, please be sure to manage your own luggage at your feet as it may cause inconvenience to other customers.

■ Please watch the concert while maintaining the social distance.

Please view it at the designated place.

■ Customers who have finished participating in the special event are kindly requested to leave the museum immediately.

■ Contact with members is prohibited.

■ Shooting OK It is prohibited to shoot photos and videos during the performance except for songs.

■ Please refrain from changing clothes in the venue.

■ When taking pictures with each other in the hall, please be careful not to reflect the people around you or the members.

■ Letters and gifts cannot be handed over directly. Please contact the present box installed in the hall.

Please check GUIDANCE on the website for gift rules.



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